Panda USB Vaccine

Panda USB Vaccine 1.0

Prevents PCs and USB devices from being infected with specific malware
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Deletes Autorun.inf infections from your computer or USB sticks by providing a double layer of protection against that specific attack.

Panda USB Vaccine is a simple antimalware tool for PC and USB devices.
The software is quite small, thus the installation process will be very short. After you install the program, you can set it to automatically run at system start-up. The program doesn't perform any complex operations or processes, it will just pop-up every time you insert a new USB device into your computer, offering you the option to vaccinate it.

There is a large number of malware applications, which spread through removable devices and drives, and can modify the autorun files from these devices. Panda USB Vaccine comes with a simple yet very effective solution against this kind of threats, by offering a double layer of preventive protection. Users have the option to disable the autorun feature on the computer and also on various devices and USB drives. The Vaccine for Computer prevents any autorun file from running, while the Vaccine For USB devices prevents the autorun file from getting infected.

Considering that there is no easy way to disable the AutoRun feature on Windows computers, you will find that Panda USB Vaccine is very useful when working with portable devices. This piece of software also provides a high degree of protection against malware infections.

Tyler Vidd
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